The Great Salt Lake Tour

The beauty and mystique of the Great Salt Lake.

Visit a lake where you cannot sink!. The Great salt lake is the largest and saltiest inland sea in the United States.

$70 / person

4-5 Hours


An 50-mile adventure!

Missing the Great Salt Lake Tour is like having popcorn without butter! Discover the mysteries of this one-of-a-kind inland sea. The Great Salt Lake Tour is filled with entertaining stories and fascinating facts, along with the opportunity to float like a cork in the lake where you cannot sink!

No trip to Utah is complete without a visit to the Great Salt Lake!

This tour includes:

  • Visit to the Great Salt Lake State Marina - Beautiful views and incredble sunsets.
  • Saltair Resort - Once known as "The Coney Island of the West"
  • Catch live Sea Monkeys - Fascinating and in multiple colors.
  • Wetland Habitat - One of the world's greatest migratory bird refuges.
  • Swim in the lake or just feel the water - As it dries tingling the skin and leaving a crusty salt layer behind.

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